Vasona Reservoir

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Vasona Reservoir
Vasona park.jpg
June 2006
Location Los Gatos, California
Coordinates 37°17′38″N 122°04′47″W / 37.29399°N 122.07986°W / 37.29399; -122.07986Coordinates: 37°17′38″N 122°04′47″W / 37.29399°N 122.07986°W / 37.29399; -122.07986[1]
Type Reservoir
Primary inflows Los Gatos Creek[2]
Primary outflows Los Gatos Creek
Catchment area 44.2 sq mi (114 km2)[3]
Basin countries United States
Managing agency Santa Clara Valley Water District
Surface area 57 acres (23 ha)
Water volume 495 acre⋅ft (611,000 m3)
References [3][1][2]

Vasona Reservoir is an artificial lake located in Los Gatos, California, United States. A 152-acre (62 ha) county park surrounds the reservoir[4] and provides limited fishing[5][6] ("catch and release"), picnicking, and informal play activities. Although swimming is not allowed,[7] human-powered boating is permitted in the reservoir.[8]


The reservoir was formed by the Vasona Percolating Dam, built in 1935 across Los Gatos Creek.[9] It is the smallest reservoir owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District.[10]

Albert August Vollmer, who came to the area in 1887, named the area after a pony he had had as a child.[9]

Vasona Dam[edit]

Vasona Dam is an earthen dam 34 feet (10 m) high and 1,000 feet (300 m) long. Its crest is 307 feet (94 m) above sea level.[3] New gates were installed in the dam in 1997.[9]

Vasona Lake County Park[edit]

Vasona Lake County Park[4] is one of 28 Santa Clara County Parks.[11] The 152-acre (62 ha) park surrounds the reservoir, with Oak Meadow Park adjacent to the west. The reservoir offers fishing for black bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill.[4][12]

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