Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences

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Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart logo.svg
Established 1832
Principal Rainer Franke
Students 3.800 (Winter Semester 2013/2014)
Location , ,

The Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule für Technik (German: Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, HFT Stuttgart) is one of ten institutes for higher education in Stuttgart. It was founded in 1832 as a school for construction craftsmen (Winterschule für Bauhandwerker) and was inaugurated as a University of Applied Sciences in 1971.

The campus is located in downtown Stuttgart.

Faculties and programmes[edit]

There are three faculties offering the following programmes:

  • Faculty of Architecture and Design:
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Business Management
    • Building Physics (Bachelor)
    • Building Physics and Business Management (Bachelor)
    • Business Management (Bachelor)
    • Business Psychology (Bachelor)
    • Civil Engineering (Bachelor)
    • Civil Engineering / Tunnel Building (Master)
    • Environmental Protection (Master)
    • General Management (Master)
    • Infrastructure Management (Bachelor)
    • Structural Engineering (Master)
    • Sustainable Energy Competence (Master)
  • Faculty of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics
    • Computer Science (Bachelor)
    • Information Logistics (Bachelor)
    • Management Information Systems (Bachelor)
    • Mathematics (Bachelor and Master)
    • Surveying and Geoinformatics (Bachelor)
    • Surveying (Master)
    • Software Technology (Master)
    • Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (Master)


As part of the FH-Impuls project i_city, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany), an explorative project on smart public buildings has been started in October 2017. As the project is based on openHAB, the HFT Stuttgart became a member of the openHAB foundation[1] and also regularly hosts meetings and conferences about openHAB and related smart home topics.

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Coordinates: 48°46′48″N 9°10′23″E / 48.780°N 9.173°E / 48.780; 9.173