Nytorv, Aalborg

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Nytorv Square

Nytorv Square is a town square in Aalborg, Denmark. Nytorv street was originally built as a funnel-shaped space between Østerågade and Slotsgade in 1604. The crossing at Nytorv and Østerågade is the historic center of the city and is open to pedestrians, cyclists and buses.[1] Nytorv is characterized by a number of shops and professional services, from west to east, including Spar Nord, Jyske Bank, Sinnerup, Salling, ElGiganten, Imerco, Friis, a community center, and the main library.


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Coordinates: 57°02′52″N 9°55′28″E / 57.047778°N 9.924444°E / 57.047778; 9.924444