Nordkraft (Aalborg)

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The Nordcraft cultural centre

Nordkraft is a cultural centre in the Danish city of Aalborg. Opened in 2009, it is located in a former electricity generating station close to the waterfront in an area designated for cultural development.[1] Neighbouring buildings include the Utzon Center and Musikkens Hus. Nordkraft is home to several cultural institutions including Skråen, a venue for jazz and rock concerts, Teater Nordkraft, the Biffen Art Cinema, the Kunsthal Nord art gallery and Dreamhouse, an innovative creation facility. It also has a multipurpose hall with seating for up to 1,500.[2]


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Coordinates: 57°02′47″N 9°55′58″E / 57.04639°N 9.93278°E / 57.04639; 9.93278