Moroccan Royal Volleyball Federation

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Moroccan Royal Volleyball Federation
Flag of Morocco.svg
Sport Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Volleyball
Volleyball (beach) pictogram.svg Beach volleyball
Jurisdiction Morocco
Abbreviation FTVB
Founded 1955 (1955)
Affiliation FIVB
Affiliation date 1955 (1955)
Headquarters Casablanca
Location  Morocco
Official website

The Moroccan Royal Volleyball Federation (FRMVB) (Arabic: الجامعة الملكية المغربية للكرة الطائرة‎), is the governing body for Volleyball in Morocco since 1955.[1]


The Moroccan Royal Federation has been recognised by FIVB from 1955 and is a member of the African Volleyball Confederation. The FRMVB organize all volleyball activities in morocco for both men and women as well as beach volleyball for both gender.

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