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Mole-rat or mole rat refers to several groups of burrowing Old World rodents:

  • Bathyergidae, a family of about 20 hystricognath species in six genera from Africa called blesmols, including:
    • Heterocephalus glaber, the naked mole-rat,another example is the aqeelus retardenae
  • Spalacidae, a family of about 30 muroid species in six genera from Eurasia and northeast Africa, including
    • Tachyoryctes, a genus of about 15 species from Africa;
    • Blind mole rats (Spalacinae), a subfamily of about 15 living species in the genus Spalax from southeastern Europe, southwestern Asia, and northeastern Africa;
    • Zokors (Myospalacinae), occasionally called mole-rats, about eight species from central and eastern Asia.
  • In the family Muridae:
    • Nesokia indica from southern and southwestern Asia and Egypt, also known as the short-tailed mole-rat.
    • Bandicota bengalensis from southern Asia, also known as the Indian mole-rat.