Minna no Uta

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Minna no Uta
Minna no Uta logo.png
Minna no Uta logo from before 1995. The logo has never changed since it started broadcast.
Genre Music
Anime television series
Directed by Various
Studio Various
Original network NHK
Original run April 3, 1961 (1961-04-03) – present
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Minna no Uta (みんなのうた), literally Everyone's Songs (English title: Songs for Everyone), is a five-minute NHK TV and radio program which is broadcast several times daily. The program started on April 3, 1961. It is one of NHK's long-running programs.

The program is generally used as filler between programs. While many of the episodes are aimed at children, a large percentage are not, so the program enjoys a wide audience.

The program is used to introduce new songs from popular and new singers, as well as to highlight the talents of various animators and directors. A list of upcoming and currently airing episodes is listed monthly in magazines such as Animage and Newtype.


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Songs introduced on Minna no Uta[edit]

Listed alphabetically by title, with the artist or group in parentheses.


These animators have had their works appear on Minna no Uta.

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