Mayo Bridge

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Mayo's Bridge
14th Street Bridge, Richmond, ca 1917.jpg
Mayo's Bridge ca. 1917
Coordinates 37°31′45″N 77°26′03″W / 37.5293°N 77.4341°W / 37.5293; -77.4341Coordinates: 37°31′45″N 77°26′03″W / 37.5293°N 77.4341°W / 37.5293; -77.4341
Carries US 360
Crosses James River
Locale Richmond, Virginia
Official name Mayo's Bridge
Other name(s) 14th. St. Bridge; Mayo's Bridge
Maintained by Richmond Dept. of Public Works
Total length 1,374 feet
Opened 1913
Toll none

Mayo's Bridge (also known as Richmond's 14th St. Bridge) is located in Richmond, Virginia. A four lane structure, it transports U.S. Route 360 across the James River. Signage identifies the bridge as "Mayo's Bridge."

The bridge is actually in two sections, separated near the middle by Mayo's Island. The total length is 1,374 feet (north and south sections combined). The current structure was built in 1913 and accommodated heavy streetcar traffic. It is Richmond's oldest highway bridge across the James River.

It was built on the site of the city's first bridge completed in 1788 by John Mayo Jr., the grandson of the man who first laid out Richmond's grid pattern. During the American Civil War when the Union attacked and burned Richmond, the Old Mayo Bridge was the bridge that women, children and small business owners used to flee the city.

Rising just 30 feet above the water line, Mayo's Bridge is currently Richmond's only bridge subject to flooding. Large floodgates in Richmond's Flood wall protect the surrounding areas on each side during James River flooding. The bridge's closeness to the river surface has made the sidewalks on either side of it popular fishing locations.


Coordinates: 37°31′45.4″N 77°26′2.7″W / 37.529278°N 77.434083°W / 37.529278; -77.434083