Matman Township

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Matman is located in Myanmar
Coordinates: 21°57′0″N 98°52′0″E / 21.95000°N 98.86667°E / 21.95000; 98.86667
Country  Burma
State Shan State
Self-Administered Division Wa
Capital Matman
Elevation 4,196 ft (1,279 m)
Time zone UTC+6:30 (MMT)

Matman Township, also known as Metman Township, is a township of the Wa Self-Administered Division of Shan State,[2] formerly and conterminously part of Matman District. The capital of the township is Matman.


Historically most of the area had been the mountainous and wooded northwestern end of Kengtung State.[3] Prior to 2011 the Township was carved out from parts of Hopang District and Kengtung District.[4]

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