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The following is the list of ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, including ships that are no longer in service. For a list of ships of its successor, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, see JMSDF Fleet.

Medieval warships[edit]

Early modern warships[edit]

Western-style sail warships[edit]

Shohei Maru (1854)
Kanrin Maru (1855)

Steam warships[edit]

Corvettes and gunboats[edit]


Kotetsu (1864)
Yamato (1940)

Seaplane tenders[edit]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

Hōshō (1921)
Taihō (1943).


Protected cruisers[edit]

Dispatch vessels[edit]

Light cruisers[edit]

Armored cruisers[edit]


Heavy cruisers[edit]


1st Class destroyers[edit]

2nd Class destroyers[edit]

Torpedo boats[edit]

River gunboats[edit]

Patrol vessels[edit]

List of IJN Patrol Vessels can be found here at [1]



1st Class submarines[edit]

  • Junsen class
    • Type J1, Junsen 1 gata (巡潜Ⅰ型), 4 units, I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4.
    • Type J1M, Junsen 1 gata kai (巡潜Ⅰ型改), I-5.
    • Type J2, Junsen 2 gata (巡潜Ⅱ型), I-6.
    • Type J3, Junsen 3 gata (巡潜Ⅲ型), 2 units, I-7, I-8.
  • Kou class
    • Type A1, Kou gata(S35) (甲型 (S35)), 3 units, I-9, I-10, I-11.
    • Type A2, Kou gata(S35B) (甲型 (S35B)), I-12.
    • Type AM, Kou gata(S35G) (甲型 (S35G)), 2 units, I-13, I-14.
  • Hei class
    • Type C1, Hei gata(S38) (丙型 (S38)), 5 units, I-16, I-18, I-20, I-22, I-24.
    • Type C2, Hei gata(S38B) (丙型 (S38B)), 3 units, I-46, I-47, I-48.
C3 type I-55
  • Tei class
    • Type D1, Tei gata(S51/S51B) (丁型 (S51/S51B)), 12 units, I-361, I-362, I-363, I-364, I-365, I-366, I-367, I-368, I-369, I-370, I-371, I-372(S51B).
    • Type D2, Tei gata kai(S51C) (丁型改 (S51C)), I-373.
  • Kaidai class
    • Type KD1, Kaidai 1 gata (海大Ⅰ型), I-51.
    • Type KD2, Kaidai 2 gata (海大Ⅱ型), I-152(52).
    • Type KD3a, Kaidai 3 gata a (海大Ⅲ型a), 4 units, I-153(53), I-154(54), I-155(55), I-158(58).
    • Type KD3b, Kaidai 3 gata b (海大Ⅲ型b), 5 units, I-156(56), I-157(57), I-159(59), I-60, I-63.
    • Type KD4, Kaidai 4 gata (海大Ⅳ型), 3 units, I-61, I-162(62), I-164(64),
    • Type KD5, Kaidai 5 gata (海大Ⅴ型), 3 units, I-165(65), I-166(66), I-67,
    • Type KD6a, Kaidai 6 gata a (海大Ⅵ型a), 6 units, I-168(68), I-169(69), I-70, I-171(71), I-172(72), I-73.
    • Type KD6b, Kaidai 6 gata b (海大Ⅵ型b), 2 units, I-174(74), I-175(75).
    • Type KD7, Kaidai 7 gata (海大Ⅶ型), 10 units, I-176(76), I-177, I-178, I-179, I-180, I-181, I-182, I-183, I-184, I-185.
Sentoku type I-401
  • Sentoku type, Toku gata (特型), 3 units, I-400, I-401, I-402 (I-404 not launched, I-405 not completed).
  • Sentaka type, Sentaka (潜高), 3 units, I-201, I-202, I-203 (I-204 to I-208 not completed).
  • Senho type, Senho (潜補), I-351 (I-352 not completed).
  • Kiraisen (Mine layer) type, Kiraisen (機雷潜), 4 units I-121, I-122, I-123, I-124.
  • Captured German submarines, 6 units, I-501 (U-181), I-502 (U-862), I-503 (UIT-24), I-504 (UIT-25), I-505 (U-219), I-506 (U-195).

2nd Class submarines[edit]

Kaichū VI Ro-33
  • Kaichū type
    • Type K1, Kaichū 1 gata (海中I型), 2 units, Ro-11, Ro-12.
    • Type K2, Kaichū 2 gata (海中II型), 3 units, Ro-13, Ro-14, Ro-15.
    • Type K3, Kaichū 3 gata (海中III型), 10 units, Ro-16, Ro-17, Ro-18, Ro-19, Ro-20, Ro-21, Ro-22, Ro-23, Ro-24, Ro-25.
    • Type K4, Kaichū 4 gata (海中IV型), 3 units, Ro-26, Ro-27, Ro-28.
    • Type KT (Toku-Chū), Kaichū 5 gata (海中V型), 5 units, Ro-29, Ro-30, Submarine No. 70, Ro-31, Ro-32.
    • Type K6, Kaichū 6 gata (海中VI型), 2 units, Ro-33, Ro-34.
    • Type KS (Sen-Chū), Kaichū 7 gata (海中VII型), 18 units, Ro-35, Ro-36, Ro-37, Ro-38, Ro-39, Ro-40, Ro-41, Ro-42, Ro-43, Ro-44, Ro-45, Ro-46, Ro-47, Ro-48, Ro-49, Ro-50, Ro-55, Ro-56.
  • Type L
    • Type L1, Ro go jū 1 gata (L1型), 2 units, Ro-51, Ro-52.
    • Type L2, Ro go jū 2 gata (L2型), 4 units, Ro-53, Ro-54, Ro-55, Ro-56.
    • Type L3, Ro go jū 3 gata (L3型), 3 units, Ro-57, Ro-58, Ro-59.
    • Type L4, Ro go jū 4 gata (L4型), 9 units, Ro-60, Ro-61, Ro-62, Ro-63, Ro-64, Ro-65, Ro-66, Ro-67, Ro-68.
  • Ko Type, 18 units, Ro-100, Ro-101, Ro-102, Ro-103, Ro-104, Ro-105, Ro-106, Ro-107, Ro-108, Ro-109, Ro-110, Ro-111, Ro-112, Ro-113, Ro-114, Ro-115, Ro-116, Ro-117.
  • Sen'yu-Shō Type, 10 units, Ha-101, Ha-102, Ha-103, Ha-104, Ha-105, Ha-106, Ha-107, Ha-108, Ha-109, Ha-111 (Ha-110 and Ha-112 not completed)
  • Sentaka-Shō Type, 11 units, Ha-201, Ha-202, Ha-203, Ha-204, Ha-205, Ha-207, Ha-208, Ha-209, Ha-210, Ha-216 (Ha-206, Ha-211 to Ha-215, Ha-217 to Ha-279 not completed)
  • F1 type
  • F2 type
  • Captured German submarines, 2 units, Ro-500 (U-511), Ro-501 (U-1224).

3rd Class submarines[edit]

Ko-hyoteki-class submarine

Army submarines[edit]

Other submarines[edit]

Suicide boats[edit]


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