Le Répertoire de la Cuisine

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Le Répertoire de La Cuisine
Le Répertoire de la Cuisine.jpg
Author Louis Saulnier
Country France
Language French
Subject Culinary Arts
Genre non-fiction
Publisher Groupe Flammarion
Publication date
Media type book
Pages 240
ISBN 978-2082000192 (2010 edition)

Le Répertoire de la Cuisine is a professional reference cookbook written by Théodore Gringoire and Louis Saulnier and published originally in 1914, and translated into multiple languages. It is intended to serve as a quick reference to Le guide culinaire by Saulnier's mentor, Auguste Escoffier, and adds a significant amount of Saulnier's own material.


Louis Saulnier, a student of Auguste Escoffier, wrote the Répertoire as a guide to his mentor's cooking as documented in Le Guide Culinaire. It is a standard reference for classical French haute cuisine and has been translated into English (1924) and Spanish (2012).[1] The 1976 American edition has an introduction by Jacques Pépin.

In Michael Ruhlman's 2009 book Ratio, Culinary Institute of America instructor Uwe Hestnar cited La répertoire alongside Larousse Gastronomique and the works of Escoffier and Carême as required reading for anyone interested in classical French cooking.[2]


The style of Le Répertoire is highly condensed, even in comparison with the brevity of its inspiration; the recipes provided are little more than simple descriptions of dishes, and assume a great deal of background knowledge. The structure of the book itself is based on Escoffier's original to simplify cross-referencing.


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