Iori Plateau

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The Iori near the village of Ujarma.

The Iori Plateau (Georgian: ივრის ზეგანი, ivris zegani), also known as Gare-Kakheti Plateau (გარე კახეთის ზეგანი, gare kakhet'is zegani) is a plateau between the Kura and Alazani rivers in southeastern Georgia, transected by the Iori River. The elevation of the plateau is between 200 m and 900 m. The soils are predominantly chernozem. A significant portion of the plateau is occupied by steppes, such as Shiraki Plain in its eastern part.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°24′56″N 45°52′39″E / 41.4155°N 45.8775°E / 41.4155; 45.8775