Big Circle Gang

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Big Circle Gang
Founded 1950s
Founding location United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada
Years active 1950s-present
Territory Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Malaysia, United States, Canada, Australia
Ethnicity Chinese
Membership 5000-10000
Criminal activities Racketeering, Murder, drug trafficking, intimidation, extortion, money laundering, contract killing
Rivals Bloods, Crips, Piru Street Boys, East Side Longos, 14K Triad

Tai Huen Chai (大圈仔), Big Circle Boys, started as illegals from mainland China who illegally entered Hong Kong using tire inner tubes. They were given the moniker (大圈仔).

Once in Hong Kong, without the proper identification allowing them to work they turned to a life of crime.

The Big Circle Boys is a street gang based in Hong Kong. They were originally composed of illegal mainland Chinese who illegally entered Hong Kong using tire inner tubes.

The name Big Circle Boy is a reference to the round inner tubes they used to float across the river into Hong Kong.

Members are only Chinese, contrary to false rumors, there are no Big Circle Boys of other races.

Many non Chinese fakers claim to be a member of Big Circle Boys but membership is only open to Chinese who can speak Chinese.

There are no non Chinese in the Triads.


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