Army of Württemberg

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Army of Württemberg
Country  Württemberg
Allegiance House of Württemberg
Branch Army
Engagements Napoleonic Wars
Austro-Prussian War
Franco-Prussian War
World War I
Duke Albrecht
A Württemberg infantryman

The army of the German state of Württemberg was until 1918 known in Germany as the Württembergische Armee.[1]

Its troops were maintained by Württemberg for its national defence and as a unit of the Swabian Circle (district) of Holy Roman Empire, the Confederation of the Rhine, the German Confederation and finally of the Army of German Empire. In addition, particularly in the 18th century, there were also regiments that were lent to other dukes and foreign powers. This practice was often criticized as "soldier trading" or "Soldatenhandel"; a form of mercenary service.

Amalgamated within the overall German army in 1871, it was renamed the XIII (Royal Württemberg) Corps until 1918, mainly comprising the 26th and 27th infantry divisions and the 26th dragoon regiment.[2]

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