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Anny Duperey
Anny Duperey 1971 (recadré).jpg
Anny Duperey in 1971
Annie Legras

28 June 1947 (1947-06-28) (age 72)
Occupation Actress, Writer
Spouse(s) Bernard Giraudeau (separated, 2 children)
Cris Campion (separated)
Children Sara Giraudeau
Gaël Giraudeau

Anny Duperey (born Annie Legras; 28 June 1947 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France) is a French stage, film and television actress and best-selling author. She is a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur.


Duperey made her screen debut in the 1967 Jean-Luc Godard film, "2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle" (Two or Three Things I Know About Her ). In the 1974 Alain Resnais film Stavisky, she portrayed Arlette, the beautiful real-life wife of flamboyant swindler Alexandre Stavisky played by Jean-Paul Belmondo. Anny Duperey was nominated for the 1977 César Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in "Un éléphant ça trompe énormément" (An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive). For her work in television, she has won two 7 d'Or Best Actress awards. In English-language film, Anny Duperey appeared with Al Pacino in the 1977 Sydney Pollack film Bobby Deerfield. Other notable appearances include Les Compères and TV series since 1992 Une famille formidable.

In fall of 2006, she led in an adaption of Oscar and the Lady in Pink (Oscar et la dame rose) (2002), a novel written by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt; she performed at the L'Avant-Seine Theater in Colombes.


In addition to her talents as an actress, Anny Duperey is a successful author of a number of bestselling books including L'admiroir (1976), Le Nez de Mazarin (Mazarin's Nose) (1986), Le voile noir (The Black Veil) (1992), Je vous écris (I'm Writing To You) (1993), Les chats de hasard (The fortune cats) (1999), Allons plus loin, veux-tu? (Let's go further, will you?) (2002) Les chats mots (The cats words) (2003) and Une soirée (An evening) (2005).

Personal life[edit]

Her younger sister Patricia died in 2009 of a heart problem.

She lived with actor Bernard Giraudeau for eighteen years, they had two children, Gael in 1982 and Sara in 1985. They ended their relationship in 1991. She is grandmother of four granddaughters : Mona (2011) and Bonnie (2016) : Daughters of Sara, and Romy (2015) and Susanne (2018): Daughters of Gael.

Charity Work[edit]

A social activist, Anny Duperey has volunteered for causes such as the international child welfare organisation SOS Children's Villages and SOS-PAPA an international organization to help ensure children of divorce have full participation by both parents.[1] Her work earned her an appointment as Chevalier (Knight) of Legion of Honour in 1997.


Feature films[edit]

Year Title Role Director Notes
1967 Two or Three Things I Know About Her Marianne Jean-Luc Godard
L'Homme qui valait des milliards Barbara Novak Michel Boisrond
Jerk à Istanbul Apolline Francis Rigaud
1968 The Return of Monte Cristo Maria André Hunebelle
Spirits of the Dead A Courtesan Roger Vadim "Metzengerstein" segment
1969 Les Femmes Hélène Jean Aurel
Bye bye, Barbara Aglaé Michel Deville
Un jeune couple Ariane René Gainville
1970 The Blood Rose Anne Claude Mulot
1972 Les malheurs d'Alfred Agathe Bodard Pierre Richard
Pas folle la guêpe Marthe Jean Delannoy
1973 Sans sommation Cora Bruno Gantillon
L'Oiseau rare Marie-Laure de Porcheville Jean-Claude Brialy
1974 Stavisky Arlette Alain Resnais
1975 Malicious Pleasure Marianne Malaiseau Bernard Toublanc-Michel
Pas de problème ! Janis Georges Lautner
Umarmungen und andere Sachen Maria Jochen Richter
1976 Golden Night Andrée Serge Moati
Pardon Mon Affaire Charlotte Yves Robert Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
L'arriviste Fluvio's wife Samy Pavel
1977 Bobby Deerfield Lydia Sydney Pollack
1978 Trocadéro bleu citron Annie Michaël Schock
1979 From Hell to Victory Fabienne Umberto Lenzi
1980 Car-napping Claudia Klessing Wigbert Wicker
1981 Psy Colette Philippe de Broca
1982 A Thousand Billion Dollars Laura Weber Henri Verneuil
Le grand pardon Carole Alexandre Arcady
Meurtres à domicile Aurélia Maudru Marc Lobet
1983 Les Compères Christine Martin Francis Veber
Le démon dans l'île Dr. Gabrielle Martin Francis Leroi Fantasporto - Best Actress
1984 La triche Nathalie Verta Yannick Bellon
1988 Gandahar Ambisextra René Laloux
1993 Germinal Madame Hennebeau Claude Berri
1999 Tôt ou tard Aline Anne-Marie Etienne
2007 Danse avec lui Alexandra's mother Valérie Guignabodet
Sous mes yeux The Grandmother Stéphanie Vasseur Short
2008 De l'autre côté du lit Lise Pascale Pouzadoux
2009 Eden Is West Nice woman Costa-Gavras
Bambou Kaki Didier Bourdon
Les âmes pixellisées Hélène Michael Castellanet Short
2011 Love Lasts Three Years Marc's mother Frédéric Beigbeder
2012 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Eurydice's mother Alain Resnais
2019 Just a Gigolo Samantha Olivier Baroux


Year Title Role Director Notes
1965 L'Examen de passage The announcer Lazare Iglesis
1968 Sarn Dorabella Claude Santelli TV Movie
Kœnigsmark Mélusine Jean Kerchbron TV Movie
1969 Allô Police Olga Adonis A. Kyrou TV Series (1 Episode)
1971 L'Heure éblouissante Géraldine Jeannette Hubert TV Movie
La Brigade des maléfices Vénusine Claude Guillemot TV Series (1 Episode)
1973 La dame de trèfle Isabelle / Ada Pierre Cavassilas TV Movie
1978 Un ours pas comme les autres Anne Nina Companeez TV Mini-Series
Les Amours sous la Révolution Aimée de Coigny Jean-Paul Carrère TV Series (1 Episode)
1982 La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu Hélène Raymond Rouleau TV Movie
1988 La face de l'ogre Hélène Bernard Giraudeau TV Movie
Un château au soleil Marie-Pierre Beaufroy Robert Mazoyer TV Mini-Series
7 d'Or - Best Actress
Sentiments Marie Jacques Fansten TV Series (1 Episode)
1990 La seconde Fanny Christopher Frank TV Movie
Renseignements généraux Carole Philippe Lefebvre TV Series (1 Episode)
1992-2018 Une famille formidable Catherine Beaumont Joël Santoni, Miguel Courtois, ... TV Series (56 Episodes)
7 d'Or - Best Actress
1994 Charlemagne, le prince à cheval Bertrada of Laon Clive Donner TV Mini-Series
1997 L'enfant perdu Adrienne Christian Faure TV Movie
1997-2000 La vocation d'Adrienne Adrienne Joël Santoni TV Series (3 Episodes)
1998 Marseille Hélène Favier Didier Albert TV Mini-Series
Le juge est une femme Camille Vincenot Pierre Boutron TV Series (1 Episode)
1998-1999 Un et un font six Judith Guizien Franck Apprederis TV Series (3 Episodes)
1999-2001 Chère Marianne Marianne Rivais Bernard Uzan, Pierre Joassin, ... TV Series (5 Episodes)
2001 Le prix de la vérité Françoise Joël Santoni TV Movie
Un pique-nique chez Osiris Jenny La Tour Nina Companeez TV Mini-Series
2003 Le voyage de la grande-duchesse Alice de Hassenbourg Joyce Buñuel TV Movie
2005 Une vie en retour Yvette Duval Daniel Janneau TV Movie
2008 Coco Chanel Madame Desboutins Christian Duguay TV Movie
Clara Sheller Danièle Alain Berliner TV Series (6 Episodes)
2014 Marge d'erreur Rebecca Prieto Joël Santoni TV Movie
2015 Un parfum de sang Marie Versini Pierre Lacan TV Movie
2017 Le tueur du lac Françoise Jérôme Cornuau TV Mini-Series
2019 Péril au château Duchesse Hélène de l’Essile Claire de La Rochefoucauld TV Movie
Cassandre Sophie Vannier Hervé Renoh TV Series (1 Episode)
Mongeville Louise Chambord Dominique Ladoge TV Series (1 Episode)


Year Title Author Director Notes
1965 Les Trois Mariages de Mélanie Charlotte Frances Jean Meyer
1965-67 La Mamma André Roussin André Roussin
1969 Liebeskonzil Oskar Panizza Jorge Lavelli
1970 Jarry sur la butte Alfred Jarry Jean-Louis Barrault
1971 Isabella, Three Sailing Ships and a Con Man Dario Fo Dario Fo
The Trojan War Will Not Take Place Jean Giraudoux Jean Mercure
1973 Twelfth Night William Shakespeare Jean Le Poulain
1974 Isabella Morra André Pieyre de Mandiargues Jean-Louis Barrault
1977 Le Nouveau Monde Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam Jean-Louis Barrault
1980 The Winter's Tale William Shakespeare Jorge Lavelli
Attention fragile André Ernotte & Elliot Tiber André Ernotte
1981 L'Amour de l'amour Apuleius, Jean de La Fontaine & Molière Jean-Louis Barrault
1983 The Girl with Something Extra Bernard Slade Pierre Mondy
1984-85 Duet for One Tom Kempinski Raymond Gérôme
1986 La Répétition ou l'Amour puni Jean Anouilh Bernard Murat
1987-89 Le Secret Henri Bernstein Andréas Voutsinas Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
1990 Le Plaisir de rompre & Le Pain de ménage Jules Renard Bernard Murat Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
1994 When She Danced Martin Sherman Patrice Kerbrat
1995-97 An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde Adrian Brine Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
2003 Memoir John Murrell Bernard Murat
2006 Oscar and the Lady in Pink Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt Joël Santoni Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
2010-11 Colombe Jean Anouilh Michel Fagadau Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
2010-12 Désolé pour la moquette Bertrand Blier Bertrand Blier
2013 The Madwoman of Chaillot Jean Giraudoux Didier Long
2018 Les Chats de hasard Anny Duperey Ninon Brétécher


Year Book Publishing Notes
1976 L'Admiroir Éditions du Seuil Novel
Prix Alice-Barthou de l'Académie française
1986 Le Nez de Mazarin Novel
1992 Le Voile noir Autobiography
1993 Je vous écris Autobiography & testimony
Lucien Legras, photographe inconnu Photographs of Lucien Legras (her father)
1999 Les Chats de hasard Story
2002 Allons voir plus loin, veux-tu ? Novel
2003 Les Chats mots Éditions Ramsay Texts & Illustrations with Sonja Knapp
2004 Essences et Parfums Texts
2005 Une soirée Éditions du Seuil Novel
2008 De la vie dans son art, de l'art dans sa vie Correspondence between Anny Duperey & Nina Vidrovitch
2011 Le Poil et la Plume Novel
2017 Le Rêve de ma mère Novel
2018 Les photos d'Anny Novel

Awards and nominations[edit]

Anny Duperey at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival

Molière Award[edit]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1988 Le Secret Best Actress Nominated
1990 Le Pain de ménage & Le Plaisir de rompre Best Actress Nominated
1996 An Ideal Husband Best Actress Nominated
2006 Oscar et la Dame rose Best Actress Nominated
2010 Colombe Best Actress Nominated

César Awards[edit]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1977 Pardon Mon Affaire Best Supporting Actress Nominated


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