14 Klassiker

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14 Klassiker
Greatest hits album by
Released 2003
Genre Pop, Dance
Label Universal
Producer Alexander Bard
Army of Lovers chronology
Le Grand Docu-Soap
14 Klassiker
Big Battle of Egos

14 Klassiker is a greatest hits album by Army of Lovers, released in 2003 only in Sweden by Universal. It contains 14 of the band's biggest hits.

It uses the same cover as Les Greatest Hits, but with a different background.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Crucified
  2. Give My Life
  3. My Army of Lovers
  4. Let The Sunshine In
  5. Hands Up
  6. Venus & Mars
  7. Obsession
  8. Ride the Bullet
  9. Lit De Parade
  10. Sexual Revolution
  11. Life Is Fantastic
  12. Israelism
  13. King Midas
  14. Supernatural