14 Days (EP)

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14 Days
14 days - cover.jpg
EP by
Released 1 March 2009
Genre Alternative rock/Electronica
Length 14:03 mins
Label Gohan Records
Producer Noel Hogan and Gareth Manix
Arkitekt chronology
The Black Hair EP
14 Days

14 Days is the second release from Arkitekt, a side project of Noel Hogan, guitarist of The Cranberries, exclusively with Mono Band member Richard Walters. 14 Days was released on March 1, 2009 in the Republic of Ireland.[1] Like their previous release, The Black Hair EP, demo versions of this EP's songs were made available, this time as streaming audio on their website. There is another, earlier demo of "Pacing" released with the demos from The Black Hair EP under the title "Track 34 (working demo)".

Track list[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "14 Days" (radio edit) 4:01
2. "14 Days" (album version) 4:29
3. "Pacing" (acoustic version) 5:33

Streaming tracks[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "14 Days" (demo) 4:36
2. "14 Days" 4:29
3. "Pacing" (acoustic version) 5:27
4. "Pacing" (demo) 5:27

Band members[edit]

  • Noel Hogan – guitar, programming, backing vocals
  • Richard Walters – lead vocals
  • Ken Rice – string arrangements


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