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Country of origin Russia
First flight 1990-11-20
Manufacturer KB KhIMMASH
Application Upper Stage
Associated L/V Proton-M and Rokot
Predecessor S5.92
Status In Production
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant N
Mixture ratio 2.0
Cycle Gas Generator
Chamber 1
Thrust (vac.) 19.62 kilonewtons (4,410 lbf)
Chamber pressure 9.8 megapascals (1,420 psi)
Isp (vac.) 328.6 seconds
Burn time 3,200 seconds
Restarts 7
Length 1,150 millimetres (45 in)
Diameter 948 millimetres (37.3 in)
Dry weight 95 kilograms (209 lb)
Used in
Briz-M and Rokot
References [1][2][3][4]

The S5.98M, also known as the 14D30, is a Russian rocket engine, currently powering the Briz upper stages.[2][5] It was designed by KB KhIMMASH, the famous Isaev designed bureau, and it burns UDMH and nitrogen tetroxide in a gas-generator cycle.[1][3][6][7]

See also[edit]

  • Briz-M - The upper stage that is powered by the S5.98M.
  • Proton-M - The heavy lift rocket that uses the Briz-M stage.
  • Rokot - The light lift rocket that uses the smaller Briz-KM stage.
  • Khrunichev - The manufacturer of the Briz stage and the corporate parent of the designer bureau.


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